Franz Steiner

founder & creative director

Franz Steiner, Co-Founder of Steiner Creative, Inc., is an LA based photographer and concept artist that creates dynamic imagery that get brand ideas and products noticed, seen and sold.

Sally Steiner

COO & Producer

As a makeup artist in Los Angeles working in the American, Latin American and European markets, Sally Steiner has a diverse range of knowledge and experience working in the advertising, entertainment, sports, and celebrity industries. She also brings a unique perspective and style from her 10 years of working in front of the camera to her work on film sets, photo shoots, and other events. Steiner has an eclectic, multi-cultural background and a deep interest in environmentally-conscious practices. She strives to incorporate these values into her work and daily life, and curates products with the intentionality of fusing makeup with botanical skin nutrition made from the highest quality plants available. When she is not working on actors, models, and other performers, Sally can be found running her content production company that she co-founded in 2012, Steiner Creative, Inc., where she serves as an art director and executive producer. Sally has a passion for creativity and excellence, and is a dedicated, multi-talented artist driven to create high-quality content that is both tasteful and innovative. Sally most recently made her directorial debut co-directing a fashion film for Flaunt Magazine.

Franz Steiner

backed by 20 years experience

In his early career as a 3D artist, Steiner pioneered topics of A.I., virtual reality and robotics with his first photo collection and six-figure launch on Getty. This catapulted him into global campaign work as a master digital artist for Google, Beats by Dre, and Apple ads, and specialized projects like NBA 2K16 covers of Stephen Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis and Michael Jordan.

While capturing Venice Beach’s fitness culture, Steiner released his latest collection, Dogtown Diary. It garnered a licensing deal with the City of Los Angeles for permission to include his work in the city’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics Games in LA.

Today, Steiner works closely with cult fitness brands like Adidas, UK’s Gymshark and Varley Activewear on campaigns and rebranding efforts. Steiner’s work has been featured in Flaunt Magazine, Ted Talk Paris, NY Magazine, The Guardian, Daily Mail UK, PopSugar and Stern Magazine Germany to name a few.

Franz is available for interviews on branding, photo trends and creative insights. He enjoys surfing and traveling with his family when he’s not shooting. His earliest photo collection is still available at www.gettyimages.com/photos/blutgruppe.

Sally Steiner

Behind the photos

I didn't mean to get into makeup but always found solace expressing my imagination with pencils, brushes and paints. As a mixed-Latina and first generation American growing up in all-white schools but living in "eclectic" Berkeley, California, finding my voice was a long, ongoing journey inspired by diversity, music and theater. That's how makeup found me at 14 where I began my first trek in makeup work within the retail spaces of Lancome, MAC Cosmetics, and Giorgio Armani Beauty in San Francisco after devouring makeup books for theater and film/tv. I'd later freelance as a makeup artist working the bridal markets while pursuing my bachelors in finance and economics in Los Angeles. In a weird twist of fate, just as I decided to pursue law school and take LSAT night classes to prepare, I received a call to makeup assist a celebrity makeup artist for a daytime talk show the next morning. I never returned to class that night and instead worked the next 5 years makeup-assisting legendaries like Mario Dedivanovic, Rea Ann Silva and Sharon Gault to name a few. In a weirder twist of fate, I'd meet a digital artist and photographer named Franz Steiner out of Germany who almost instantly became my partner in work and life. Together we launched Steiner Creative, Inc. in 2012 just as we had our first daughter, Raina, together. (We have three now. And yes, all girls!). We still marry our skills to produce content for advertising, sports and entertainment to this day. I attribute everything I do to all my collective years working as a makeup artist- the world's greatest listener, a therapist with a foundation brush, and my client’s biggest fan! My reward is creating work in partnership that we can be proud of together. Thank you for taking the time to be here!

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